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Friday, August 5, 2016

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Hi guys!!!


It's time.  Time to say goodbye.  As you may know, I've kicked this idea around for a full year.  This past month a lot of things have come up and I just can't find the brain power I need to make a single piece of art.  Not even a simple pair of earrings.

My father went into the hospital 2 weeks ago and after a week there - they decided he needed a pace maker for his heart.  It is now  just about the only thing keeping his heart beating.  I, being the oldest and the only retired kid of his, have been spending a lot of time getting things taken care of for him.  There's a lot to learn about this time of one's life. 

The past 26 years of his life he has lived off the grid.  Up in the mountains in a cabin without anything except a 4X4 pickup, a wood stove and an outhouse.  Life was grand.  I just found him a wonderful retirement center just 3.5 miles from my house instead of a 1.5 hour drive through the mountains.  SWEET!!!

I don't know if you have ever been in a spot where you need to find adult care for a relative or friend, but!  There is a wonderful outfit called "A Place for Mom".  NEVER forget this place.  They have been FANTASTIC!!!  It took me one 20 minute phone call and within one hour I had 4 different places to check out for dad.  It took a little online studying and one visit and dad has a wonderful one bedroom apartment with a view of the mountains he lived in.  Better yet ,,, his doctors are just across the street from him.  WONDERFUL!

SO!  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your support, suggestions and most of all ... your friendship!!!  Take care and if you need a little help or are looking for something ... just drop me an email! 


I will keep that email address for a few months!

Thanks again!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Look What I Found!

Hi guys!

I've been walking to try to get these old hips in better shape.  To get me out the door ... well, that took a bribe of sorts ... STARBUCKS!  What can I say.  I needed to treat myself for the 2 mile round trip walk.  One day I was walking through an alley and here's what I found.

Check this out....

Someone cut this old can and folded the edges
over so no one would get cut touching it.

Then they were kind enough to toss it out
on a day when I came walking through!

Wasn't that nice of them????

I love a fun find.  I think I need to start walking through the alleys ,,, AGAIN!!!  Save those coffee dollars for some thing. 

I think this needs a few holes punched in the bottom of it and then filled with flowers.  Sweet, simple, perfect!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Something Very New For Me

Hi guys!

I have a thing for taking pictures.  I love to.  Last year when I went to Chicago I bought myself a new "real" digital camera.  I used to use Canons back in the film days.  My eyes can't see like they used too.  SO!  New camera ... all the bells and whistles and that AUTO program.  Yep!  I can set this or the camera can set this.  Sounds great  ....   right???  REALLY?  LOL!  O.M.G.  Who knew a camera could have so MANY hidden tricks!  Not me!!!  BUT!  I'm learning.

SO!  What does this have to do with art ... ????

WATCH!  I'm in love!

This is a picture of the top of a building.  I really liked
the architecture, the American flag and all the cell
towers that are on the tops.

So I cut the picture down a little bit
and opened it up in Photoshop Elements. 
Then I played with it.

And here is my surprise

I am in love with this.  I've been playing with pictures during hockey games.  Well, today it was so hot I couldn't think of anywhere better to be than right here at home.  I tried out a few different pictures and then this came along!  Nope!  The others didn't even come close to this.  BUT!  My next trip into a city I'll be looking for a picture like the top one or two so I can try this again.


By the way.  I got into a "photo club".  I don't honestly know exactly what you would call this.  BUT!  I have to tell you.  This is the first time I have ever paid to be on a website.  I've been online since 1994 and I actually paid to be on a site for photograph contests, challenges and sales.  You can be on here for free or pay for your services in 2 different ways (getting 2 different things).

The name of the site is Viewbug.  You can find them at Viewbug.com and my user name is PICSOFMYWORLD.  I figured for $50 a year I would use this as a class.  A way to learn from those around me.  Trust me when I say ,,, So many of these guys and gals are top class from all around the world.  OMG. 

There is money, trips, equipment and other goodies to be won.  Do I expect to win something?  Hell no!  But, within a week a guy dropped me a note about one of my pictures that changed the way I took my photos.  That was worth the money.

If you want to take a look around ... please do.  If you want to join, let me know.  I'll send you an invite if you leave me your email address either on the comment section below or by dropping me an email reminding me why.  There are points to be had for nearly every thing you do on this site.  Those points earn you the right to put extra photos into contests and challenges.  FUN!

Let me know what you think of my butterfly ... please!!!

Thanks for stopping by!  Shell

Thursday, May 26, 2016

It's a Very Sad Day Around Here

Sometimes it hurts when things go wrong!!!

What could go wrong???

They closed down my metal recycle center!!!!

LOL!  DANG!!!!

I loved going there.  Rumor has it they got caught taking in stolen goods.  I don't know a single recycle center that doesn't.  One other rumor is the owner wants to open a marijuana shop.  Who knows.  BUT!!!  DANG IT ALL TO PIECES!!!!

I can't get in ... LOL!

Someone left their junk behind anyway.

Right now a construction company has moved in and put a very large sign outside that says they are NOT a metal recycler.  It's funny.  Obviously a lot of people don't know their easy money making business is gone!


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Cuff Pictures

HEY!  How's it going???  Great here! 

I finally got a few pictures together to show you what's for sale at Monique's Boutique in Snohomish, WA.  Ready???

Need a ring????

Scraps of leather.  Some are from the belt
loop on the belt.

All fun and easy to make.  Have you ever made any???

Friday, May 6, 2016

SURPRISE!!! HAHAHA! Belts, Belts and More Belts

Hi guys!

SURPRISE!!!  Sorry!  I know it's been a long time.  It's actually been longer than even I thought.  What can I say?  Life got in my way?  It's my only excuse.  A little over a year ago I went to my first NHL Hockey game in Vancouver, Canada.  Well, by day 3 of my trip I could hardly walk.  Pain.  huh!  So,,, October, yep I waited until the end of October, I went to see an orthopedic doc.  She told me I'm ready for a new left hip.  At the same time she told me I have shoulder problems too.  LOL!  I knew that....

Well, now it's 6 months later.  Lots of physical therapy later and I'm still ready for that new hip and a new right hip.  OUCH!  I'm getting by thanks to the bestest massage therapist in the world.   THANK YOU NANCY!  I woke up one morning and realized I hadn't done ANYTHING in those 6 months.  Nothing that's worth talking about.  Maybe 2 weeks later I get this note ... it asked where I've been.  HA!  Lost is all I can say.  Thank you.  All of you who have asked where I've been.  I appreciate it more than you can know!!!   

It's time to get it together.  So, let's start with some leather belts my neighbors sister brought over.  She needs some leather cuffs for her vintage shop she has in Snohomish, WA.  Click on this line for a link to her vintage clothing shop called Monique's Boutique.

Here's what we are going to start with:

Vintage belts and goodies.

Great goodies ....

and more goodies ....

and, yep, more goodies. 
You should see the piles of goodies on my couch. 
LOL!  It's disgustingly wonderful.

We picked through her big box of belts, then a few from
my box of belts to come up with these for starters.

Because she had ideas in her head of what she wanted ....

and I had ideas in my head of what I see and wanted
to make ....  We put tags and pieces on belts so I wouldn't
forget what she wants or we agreed would work.

Now it's time to get something done.  NOW!!!  I'll show you soon.

Thank you again. 

I'll try harder to get this blog up and moving again.  Shell

Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Few More Etched Pieces

What can I say?  I'm having fun.

Here's a few more pieces of copper and brass that I etched to see what would happen.  

A handful of brass and one copper washer. 
I cleaned the tops, not the bottoms of the brass.

I added one large piece of copper.  Why? 
Not sure.  I was hoping it would "spread" a little
of it's color to the brass.

I added new goo!

You can see here that I didn't really care
about how they laid.

A few seconds later the fluid is darker.

Maybe 2 minutes later it's like looking through
dirty car oil.

Fresh out of the "pot", rinsed and cleaned off.

The backs.

Love this one.  You can see where the washer was.
Yes, I marked both sides of the washer.

PRETTY!  fun too!





brass shells

YES!  Brass gun shells, bullet casings.

These are brass, yet, they have copper coloring on them.
I'm not sure why.  But, I really like it.

OOPS!  I think they were in the etching fluid too long. 

I just found a big picnic basket full of leather belts.  I think I need to rivet a few of these to some of that leather and make a few cuffs!  FUN!!!!

Next?  I'm going to try bending some copper wire into a squiggly line and mount it to some brass banding.  I'm hoping the color of the copper transfers onto the brass.  Cross your fingers!  Please!